2021-05-04 13:12Pressmeddelande

The leading construction sector ERP company in the Nordic markets- Hantverksdata, launches on the German market.

Handwerksdata opened offices & operations in Germany on the 3rd of May 2021. The digitalization trend and the demand for cloud-based ERP-software with modern and user-friendly mobile solutions, is growing stronger and stronger in the different construction sectors in Germany. Hantverksdata, with a leading position in the Nordics, many years of experience and a world class cloud-based ERP offering for especially service- and project management, meet that need.

This exciting venture will be led by Caspar Tietmeyer, who has a solid experience in sales at several different companies, such as Spacewell Germany/Nemetschek CREM Solutions and DHL.

- We see that we have come a long way in the digital transformation of the different construction sectors in the Nordic countries. More and more companies are digitalizing and going mobile via our ERP software, which leads to more automation and more efficient processes. The result, that we can see, is higher profit margins and being a more attractive employer.  We have identified that the construction sectors in Germany need a solution like ours and so far, there is not any matching software present in Germany today. We look forward to taking part and having a significant impact on the digital transformation, which is ongoing and will increase in the years to come. Our world class cloud-based software is already localized for the German market and the first pilots are about to be onboarded, says Mikael Viotti, CEO of Hantverksdata AB.

-  The clear structure and functional strength of Handwerksdata’s cloud solution impresses me. It reduces the daily workload and provides significant time savings. I look forward to supporting numerous companies in their digital transformation – says Caspar Tietmeyer, CEO of Handwerksdata Germany.

Om Hantverksdata

Hantverksdata AB, is a company with more than 200 employees and 50 years of experience with providing ERP-system for the construction and service industry. Hantverksdata has subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and now Germany. Hantverksdata is the market leader in the electrical, plumbing, painting, flooring and glass industries with its cloud-based ERP-system. In total, Hantverksdata has more than 9,000 customers and about 90,000 users in the various industries. Hantverksdata’s solutions and systems are developed by tradesmen for tradesmen. www.handwerksdata.de


Mikael Viotti
Mikael Viotti
HVD Group
Caspar Tietmeyer
CEO Hantverksdata Tyskland
Caspar Tietmeyer