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Maria Vappula takes office as CEO for Pajadata Oy.

Maria Vappula has taken office as CEO for Pajadata Finland, yesterday the 3rd of October.Maria Vappula has taken office as CEO for Pajadata Finland, from the 3rd of October.

Maria Vappula has taken office as CEO for Pajadata Finland, yesterday the 3rd of October and replaces Sanna Haanpää who has been with the company since 2018. Pajadata Oy, a part of HVD Group, sell- and develop service and project systems that meets the needs of craftsmen in Finland. A company in rapid growth with the aim of delivering the best ERP systems to the Finnish market.

Maria has a background from different positions in SaaS software companies like Visma and Basware. She has seen the whole value chain of SaaS software business in different roles from development to business responsibility and therefore can bring her knowledge now to Pajadata Oy and HVD Group.

- I believe that Maria, with her solid IT background in Visma and Basware, can help Pajadata become the leading player in ERP for craftsmen in Finland and really challenge Admicom and Jydacom, says Mikael Viotti, CEO, HVD Group.

- I am excited for this opportunity to take lead of Pajadata and enable growth to our customers.  In this global market situation, it is essential that we can help our customers to succeed in their own business with help of our sustainable products and services, says Maria Vappula, CEO, Pajadata Oy.

For further information:
Mikael Viotti, CEO, HVD Group, +46 70 389 00 93, mikael.viotti@hantverksdata.se
Maria Vappula, CEO, Pajadata Oy, +358 40 131 6791, maria.vappula@pajadata.fi 

Om Hantverksdata

Hantverksdata Group, HVD Group, has over 230 employees, sales of almost SEK 400 million and has 50 years of experience in the construction and service industry. Hantverksdata Group has companies in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Germany. The company is the market leader in the Nordic region with its web-based modular systems. In total, Hantverksdata has about 10,000 customers and about 90,000 users in the various industries. Hantverksdata solutions and systems are developed by craftsmen for craftsmen. Read more: https://www.hantverksdata.se/ Pajadata Oy, is a Finnish software company establised in 1994. Pajadata has 32 empolyees and turnover around 3,4 million euros. Since the beginning of the company the focus has been on providing the best ERP software to plumbing, electric and building industries. Today Pajadata offers ERP and worksite management solutions to the same spesific industries. Pajadata has customers all over Finland, located in Tampere, Vantaa and Kuopio. Read more: https://www.pajadata.fi/


Caroline Gentzel
Caroline Gentzel